Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dreaming of Hawaii - Destination Weddings at the Moana Surfrider Wedding Photographer - Teasers - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I love Destination weddings! And it's an absolute honour when we get to be with our Bride's & Groom's from Vancouver & Beyond during the whole process. Moana Surfrider is one of the most historic hotels in Waikiki and our couple had the Penthouse suite for their big day! It was a beautiful day in Waikiki and a beautiful wedding! 

Here are some teasers from our Moana Surfrider Wedding in Oahu Wedding! Such a beautiful Venue in Waikiki! Here are some teaser photographs from the wedding day:

We loved working with:
Moana Surfrider Weddings
Waikiki Hawaii Wedding Venue

Whig'd Hair & Make up

Florist Grand

Easley Designs

Hawaii Wedding Photographer, Waikiki Wedding Photographer, Maui Wedding Photographer
Dragonflight Photography

Lucky 8 - Chinese New Year's at Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver -- Wedding & Event Photography -- Vancouver -- Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year's in Vancouver at Shangri-La Vancouver Hotel

I had the honour of photographing a Chinese New Year Celebration at Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver in January and truly loved it! The red colour and floral filled the rooms along with traditional lion dance that I've seen done at weddings before. I love the lion dance at weddings! Chinese tea ceremonies and lion dances are some of my favourite Chinese Wedding traditions I've seen in Vancouver. It was fun to be apart of this New Year's Celebration.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vancouver, Langley, Victoria Wedding Photography - Published in Southern Weddings Magazine

Valentine's Day Inspiration - Vancouver Wedding Photographer 
As Seen in Southern Bride Magazine

Vancouver Wedding Photography, Langley Wedding Photography, Victoria Wedding Photography
Valentine’s Day Bachelor Inspired Date - Instead of a date card for a potential wife, the date card is for your husband. Why does the romance and detail need to end after the wedding or only for the wedding? This Valentine’s Day inspired shoot is meant for the woman who craves romance - with the help of planning and decor by A Perfect Proposal team, this whimsical fun Valentine’s Day Romance came together to treat a lucky couple. 

The inspiration was a wife inviting her husband for a romantic night out. She would curate invitation just for her “Darling Husband” and create a romantic atmosphere for the night. Wearing a lace gown just for his eyes.Red Ghost Chairs add a touch of modern with gold elements on the table and stationary. Linen water colour stationary and gold foil ooze romance and a fun flare. 

Fort Langley Studio was the perfect place to host this romantic inspiration. The hanging floral cascading from the ceiling brings the feel of the room down and draws attention to the table setting. Each item was chosen and fit perfectly together to showcase the colour theme and floral and greens added to soften the look. The bride in white lingerie lace gown from A Perfect Proposal. This sexy lace gown is perfect for an intimate evening, honeymoon, or boudoir session. Romance doesn’t end once the wedding reception is over, romantic events and dates are all possible with some fantastic vendors and team members. 

The message I’d love for couples to know is hiring a planner to curate a beautiful date night can eliminate the stress that may come with planning romantic evening yourself and thinking of each detail without assistance. The beauty of a crafted event is being able to simply go and enjoy the evening and make memories.

To see the published blog post click here:

This Valentine's Inspiration Shoot paired nicely with our model Boudoir Shoot - Miss. Helena from Victoria!

Direction, Floral, Cake, Planning - Styling by A Perfect

Stationary by Dragonflight Design & Photography

DesignsPhotography by Dragonflight Photography - Ashley Ferreira

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley Boudoir Photography

You know that feeling of opening a giant box with a huge red ribbon? that excitement that has you just buzzing? Well that was me behind the camera  yesterday! I finally shot boudoir in my studio! I’m so freaking excited for this space and the future.

That lovely lace number is apart of my new endeavour of concierge design! It's one of my favourite pieces and I was thrilled to finally photograph it yesterday! It's perfect addition to some lovely lingerie for a boudoir shoot or a Bridal lingerie set ;-)

More from this lovely shoot soon!



Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Life Before, During and After Cancer - Langley, Vancouver, Victoria Wedding Photographer

Vulnerable and Honest summary of my 2016… I didn’t know if we’d survive you unscathed. You were the most challenging year of our lives and at the same time the most rewarding. We are changed because of you. I use to do a summary of my years with photography on my blog and I struggled with 2015 because we were in the beginning phase of testing for Ver’s cancer. I was uncertain and scared and at a loss for words. I wasn't sure what was ok to share, or if clients wouldn't feel confident with us. I wasn't sure what work looked like. This year I feel like there is one word that summarizes 2016 so well. Gratitude. I feel immense amounts of gratitude for God, for friends, for family and life. I feel so blessed to be where we are right now. We’re on the 2nd day of this new year with so many adventures and possibilities planned ahead.
I am so grateful for the people who were there for us during the darkest moments of uncertainty who made sure they checked in, stopped in, texted, emailed, and mailed us to know you were thinking of us. Thank you. I am beyond words grateful to our friend vendors, clients of 2016 and previous years who uplifted us and were so kind and gentle to us when it was hard to be ourselves. Thank you doesn’t feel like enough. I’m immense fully grateful to live in Canada where our medical system and our experience of it was incredibly fast and efficient. We asked difficult questions, we sought answers and found solutions. I am grateful that we didn’t lose our home - we don’t talk about this one but it was a very real scary possibility when Verlon was off work when we were uncertain how much longer it would be. Between trying to live the healthiest lifestyle possible and seeking the best care - keeping up with the bills on a small amount of money coming in was difficult. Money seemed to be the least of our worries when we didn’t know where things were going to go. We were humbled. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to pay just necessary medical bills and everything else on top of that - I cried when I thought about some friends we made in the US who struggled in the same boat. I struggled to stay focused with my business and I had to say no to new wedding inquiries in 2016 was hard, feeling lost and torn with time trying to make sure I kept up and was with Ver to every doctor, every appointment and quality time and still do the best I could for my clients.
I’m grateful for tears. I remember walking into our bathroom and turning on the shower so I could cry on the floor without Verlon hearing me, begging God and the praying this wasn’t real or happening. Being scared I was going to lose my husband just after 6 months of being married. Those tears were for uncertainty and fear. Then I cried in December 2016 when we left the oncologists office as they told us on the most recent scans everything was clean. Tears of joy. Gratitude. I couldn’t hold it in as I shamefully walked through BC Cancer to the elevator not wanting to draw attention to myself, knowing others have their own stories and struggles.
Admitting struggle in areas of my life was hard. Admitting my best wasn't quick but a battle threw heavy emotions (oh being an artist). I'm so hopeful and ready to dive back into creative projects in 2017 and the incredible couples we’ll be working with, and the adventures internationally that are planned (Yay photographing a wedding in Europe!!) I kept wondering if I was doing what I am meant to be doing last year or if I was meant to keep doing photography but every time I would step behind the camera and be at a wedding, or shoot - I felt so full that I was exactly where I needed to be, doing what I love and I was just shaken. 2017 marks 10 years since I photographed at a few shoots and summer weddings in Victoria, which seems crazy, and 9 years of having “Dragonflight Photography” live. From picking that name with a slight whim to it carrying on like wildfire and allowing me to be a full-time photographer. I’m so grateful and blessed to be able to live and do one of my passions for work. I like to think I have a big heart and it very much is apart of me being a photographer. My heart is feeling humbled and blessed by all of you clients and future clients. I'm so thrilled to work with you.
I have felt so many feelings and emotions and have experienced a substantial amount of growth this last year. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m hopeful for 2017 and what it will bring. I know we can’t ask for only highs and no lows, but I’m hopeful and full of faith that it will be a good New Year. I will not let fear and uncertainty rule it but let love, faith and hope keep me guided.

Wishing the best for you and yours in this coming year.

Here's to new adventures!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Starling Lane Vineyard Winery Wedding in Victoria BC - Victoria Wedding Photography - Winery Wedding Photographer

Starling Lane Vineyard Wedding Photography


Starling Lane Winery
Our Lady of Fatima Hall
Victoria, BC

Catering Service:
John's Casa Nova